Additional Salars

Chapala ~ 600 Hectares (~450 ha within OrganiMax claims)
El Salitral ~ 400 Hectares
Hernandez ~ 350 Hectares
El Agrito ~ 275 Hectares
Las Casas ~ 250 Hectares (~100 ha within OrganiMax claims)
El Barril ~ 190 Hectares
Saldivar ~ 150 Hectares
Laguna Larga ~ 100 Hectares
Colorada ~ 100 Hectares
La Doncella ~ 30 Hectares
La Prietta ~ 20 Hectares
El Cristalillo ~ 10 Hectares

Ownership: 100% OrganiMax Nutrient Corp.

Past Producers
In addition to Caliguey, Saldivar and Colorado have also seen historical production of sodium chloride for table salt and for use in the local silver mines. Evaporation ponds are still in place from past production of these salars.

Work by Previous Operators
Following a national lithium exploration program undertaken by the Mexican Geological Survey in the 1980’s, private operators conducted a regional-scale sampling program of the salars located on the central Mexican Plateau. Through this sampling program, numerous potassium-lithium-boron targets were identified, including Santa Calara, La Salada and Caliguey, as well as the “other” salars currently held by OrganiMax. These salars have seen a variable amount of exploration work and continue to be regarded as potential targets for potassium and lithium brines and sediments and because of their proximity to Santa Clara and Caliguey are viewed as up-scale potential to compliment the larger salars.

Vertical electrical sounding (VES) surveys were conducted over the Santa Clara, La Salada, Caliguey, Colorada, Doncella and Saldivar salars in 2010 and 2011. These reports indicated basin depths ranging from 15 up to 65 metres at various salars. However, RC drilling at Caliguey in 2011 where the VES results indicated a depth to basement of approximately 30 metres failed to intersect basement in each of the 5 holes which ranged from 34 to 60 metres deep. Furthermore, OrganiMax independently reviewed the data in 2017 and found the data to be erroneous. Because of these findings, OrganiMax intends to initiate a new geophysical program to highlight potential brine horizons and to better define basin depths.

Surface Sampling
Concurrent with the geophysical and pit sampling program, a number of surface or sub-surface samples were collected from Chapala, El Salitral, Hernandez, El Agrito, Las Casas and El Barril. Results of the sampling program indicated all salars host anomalous sediment-hosted potassium and lithium with values up to 1.67% potassium at El Salitral and up to 687 ppm lithium at Chapala.

Pit Sampling
Pit sampling similar to that at Santa Clara, La Salada and Caliguey was also completed at Colorada, Saldivar and Doncella. Results of the sampling program demonstrated anomalous sediment-hosted potassium and lithium continuing to 5 metres depth. Results of the pit sampling are as follows:

Salar Potassium (avg %) Lithium (avg ppm)
Colorada 2.54 170
Saldivar 2.52 122
Doncella 2.05 107

Work by OrganiMax (as Alset)
A brief reconnaissance-scale sampling program was undertaken by field personnel in the summer of 2017. This program included hand-held auger sampling of many of OrganiMax’s less developed salars, details of the program are outlined in the October 2, 2017 news release.

Maps, Data and Reports